Common Digital Advertising Mistakes Healthcare Practices Make w/ Nick LaIuppa #126

Today we had the pleasure of speaking with public speaker and founder of Nick LaIuppa Marketing, Nick LaIuppa. After spending thousands of ad dollars and exploring various strategies, Nick focuses on serving small-medium sized businesses by building digital marketing and advertising campaigns across multiple platforms. His purpose is to help people like you drive the sales you need to turn a profit. 

Let’s dive into Nick’s story of how to avoid common digital advertising mistakes to get the results you are looking for.


Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 14:15] Advertising Too Soon 

  • We introduce our guest, Nick LaIuppa.
  • Nick talks about common digital advertising mistakes. 
  • Nick talks about the fear of advertising too soon and how to avoid it. 
    • Create patient personas
    • Not properly visualizing and laying out your funnel
    • Not training staff on process
    • No specificity – trying a shotgun blast approach
    • Not building out specific landing pages for each type of ad 

[14:16 – 19:47] The Lack of Transparency 

  • Nick talks about the importance of transparency when it comes to understanding your AdWords marketing. 
    • Most marketing agencies lack transparency and refuse to grant their clients access to their own assets and data 

[19:46 – 27:23] Not Properly Tracking Your Program and Reporting 

  • What metrics do you need to focus on?
  • We talk about another common mistake; not properly tracking your program and reporting 
    • Nick mentions his top 4 metrics to keep track of:
      • conversions
      • conversion rate
      • click-through rate
      • cost
    • How often should you look at them?
    • What do you use to track?

[27:24 – 37:26] Leads Dying ON the Vine

  • Nick talks about what it means to let “leads die on the vine.” 
    •  Not putting them in a nurture sequence  
    • The most expensive and cheap advertising 
  • Email nurture sequencing. 
    • What retargeting means 

[37:27 – 47:24] Picking the Wrong Platform and Bailing Too Soon

  • Nick gives us the key points in choosing the right platform to advertise on. 
    • Understanding who your customer is 
  • Nick sheds some light on bailing too soon when you’re investing in ads. 
    • How much time does it actually take to get results?


Tweetable Quotes: 

“The way that I always go about recommending the ad platform is first understanding who their customer is.” – Nick LaIuppa 

“If you ever get in touch with a marketing person or an agency that is telling you they can guarantee your results, that’s a red flag.” – Nick LaIuppa


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