Confident Certification™ Ep. 13 – Finding the Confidence Within: Tips for Being Your Own Motivator

On this week’s episode of Confident Certification™ Sarah B. Cruz and Bobby Parker discuss what it really means to “be your own biggest fan” on the journey toward certification. They talk about celebrating small wins and milestones, finding motivation in purpose, and leaning into a growth mindset when faced with failures or imposter syndrome. Sarah and Bobby explore how self-belief ties into being a fan of yourself while also emphasizing that confidence shouldn’t slip into obsessive self-focus or hyper-optimism that ignores constructive feedback. The episode finishes with tangible tips for staying motivated on the heels of setbacks, including visual reminders, mantras, and exercises to highlight accomplishments. Tune in for an uplifting episode focused on building confidence through conscious, purposeful support of yourself!

Over the next 52 weeks, Sarah and special guests from around the industry will provide tangible tools to build your test prep confidence, understand the challenges that technicians encounter as they study, and equip every member of the Sterile Processing team to be the best advocates they can be for professional development. New episodes of Confident Certification™ will release each Tuesday on Beyond Clean channels. For the best listening experience, download the Beyond Clean mobile app on Apple ( and Android ( devices.

This series is an innovative educational experience created to help you, your students, and your coworkers ace your Sterile Processing certification with confidence! Special thanks to our Year 1 sponsor Aesculap (US) for making this series possible! If you have thoughts or feedback on this new show, please email us at



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