Confident Certification™ Ep 2: Our SP Journey – Where Does Certification Fit In?

Where does Sterile Processing certification fit into your busy life?Join hosts Sarah B. Cruz and Bobby Parker as they tackle balancing personal and professional priorities on the latest episode of Confident Certification™. Learn how Bobby incorporated studying into his facility’s onboarding and hear Sarah’s tips for planning your study schedule. Discover strategies to make certification a natural part of your workflow, not just another item on your to-do list. We hope you can tune in today for actionable ways to blend studying with life’s demands as you confidently prep for that exam!

Over the next 52 weeks, Sarah and special guests from around the industry will provide tangible tools to build your test prep confidence, understand the challenges that technicians encounter as they study, and equip every member of the Sterile Processing team to be the best advocates they can be for professional development. 

New episodes of Confident Certification™ will release each Tuesday on Beyond Clean channels. For the best listening experience, download the Beyond Clean mobile app on Apple ( and Android ( devices. This series is an innovative educational experience created to help you, your students, and your coworkers ace your Sterile Processing certification with confidence!

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