Creating a Safer Workplace for Sterile Processing: A Vendor Spotlight™ with Hospital Safety Solutions

Your manually cleaned instruments DO NOT have to go through the pass-thru window DIRTY. There is a better, faster, and safer way – which Sterile Processing teams just like you are already using – to disinfect their handwashed instruments before they end up on the clean side. Join us for this week’s exclusive Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ featuring HealthGuard UVC® by Hospital Safety Solutions, along with Jim Schlosser, Ransom Willard, and Deborah Timothy, as we talk about one of the hottest topics in the industry today: UVC disinfection of surgical instruments. As a green-solution, the HealthGuard UVC® pass-thru model not only protects the environment, but brings employee safety of our frontline technicians back to the level they deserve. Tune in to hear how this innovative disinfection technology can give your team the piece of mind and workflow safety they want when and where it counts! We hope you enjoy!

For more information, you can visit Hospital Safety Solutions on their website at or call them at 844-889-6757

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