Cybersecurity: Best Practices & Partnerships

How can providers and suppliers partner effectively to tackle the rising concerns around Cybersecurity as Healthcare Organizations get “smarter”?  The contracting process can be cumbersome for suppliers, and the contraction process and negotiations represent challenges for the healthcare supply chain.  On this episode of the Power Supply podcast, Marc Sammons and Matthew Webb from IT Security and Sourcing at HealthTrust Purchasing Group join Hays Waldrop, Garry Skinner and Justin Poulin to talk about cybersecurity best practices for the supply chain regarding contracting, evaluation and implementation. They also introduce the concept of “Security by Design,” share some recommendations for suppliers, and talk about how they make things easier on themselves when partnering with healthcare organizations.  This is the second of two consecutive episodes on the topic of Cybersecurity that you won’t want to miss (with some 80’s pop culture references for good measure)!

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