Dan Vukelich: AMDR Mission and Focus, Overview of Single Use Devices, Challenges and Benefits

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with Dan Vukelich, President at AMDR, The Association of Medical Device Reprocessors which is a trade association representing the interests of the global commercial medical device reprocessing and remanufacturing industry.  His specialties include the industry’s legal, legislative, regulatory and public relations interests.

Segment 1 – 04:35

  • Dan’s Interest In Single Use Device Reprocessing
  • Background On The Association of Medical Device Reprocessors
  • Collaboration w/ Other Organizations and Education

Segment 2 – 19:40

  • Defining The Single Use Device
  • Reprocessing Workflow & Handling
  • FDA – Past & Present Role In Reprocessing

Segment 3 – 35:30

  • How Patients & Hospitals Benefit
  • UDI Regulation & Device Tracking
  • The Role Of Sustainability In The Industry

Join us next week when our guest will be Rick Wells, President at SolutionWells, LLC #beyondclean

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