David Carey’s Advice for Driving Customer-First Innovation

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Is your team trained to recognize customer-first innovation? And how does that get reflected in the mission and everyday execution of your goals?

In this week’s episode, sponsored by TrackableMed, David Carey, CCO at Pristine Surgical, unravels the process of creating a client-oriented mission statement to act as a north star for the entire company. He also sheds light on the importance of bringing the right people to a startup environment, how his diverse career path helped him land where he is today, and why it’s important to enter the arena as fast as you can.

Listen to this episode for more on:

  • Key components for creating balance in a startup environment
  • How to look at customer challenges as a source of innovation
  • The one phrase that may alert you to new product opportunities
  • The unexpected pain point in technology adoption
  • How a diverse career sets you up for leadership roles in the future
  • Why you should always be prepared to learn more
  • How stepping into the arena as fast as you can leads to the data you really need

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