“Decision Science”: New Research on How Your Customers Interpret Risk and Frame Value

You may be doing a lot of things right—but you’ll never achieve consistent success unless you grasp the neuroscience behind why some of your tactics work better than others. Tim Riesterer is chief visionary at B2B Decision Labs, which draws from several behavioral sciences to pioneer ‘decision science.’ The goal is simple: Understand how humans conceptualize risk, frame value, and make decisions—then leverage those insights in the wild. We sat down with Tim to understand what he means when he says “value only lives in contrast,” and how you can make your customers feel smart enough to realize that they’re not responding to market trends intelligently. 

In this episode, you learn: 

  • How precise language can bypass peoples’ risk-averse biology 


  • How to avoid accidentally disrupting yourself (i.e., lean into the status quo bias)


  • Why Tim loathes focus groups and most ‘voice of the customer’ research 


  • How to sub out ‘Why Us’ stories for ‘Why Change’ stories 

Plus, we dive into some of the many juicy contradictions of the human mind.  



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