Decoding Competitors: A Guide to Anticipating MedTech Industry Moves

Dismissing competitor decisions is common ground for sales teams, especially when you focus on the advantages of your products. But, what if you could use the decisions of your competitors as a tool to predict their future moves and carve out a competitive advantage?

In this week’s episode, sponsored by Alpha Sophia, we sat down with John Horn. He’s the CEO and founder of Gateway Competitive Insights and author of “Inside the Competitor’s Mindset.” During the conversation, John shares a four-step framework that encourages MedTech professionals to pay attention to competitor actions. He also emphasizes the power of cognitive empathy and strategic questioning to uncover critical insights, urging professionals to step out of their own perspectives.

In this episode, we explore:

  • A fresh perspective on competitive intelligence and decision-making
  • Actionable insights and a roadmap for predicting competitors’ moves
  • The concept of “war games” or mock negotiations as a tactic for fostering a deeper understanding of competitor behaviors
  • The pitfalls of presuming answers and the importance of maintaining an open mindset
  • The importance of cognitive empathy and strategic questioning

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