Designed to Kill: Keeping Safety at the Forefront of Peracetic Acid Use in Healthcare

What do flexible endoscopes and poultry have in common? I think many would be surprised to learn that the chemical used to make these two very different things safe is the commonality. Peracetic acid is used in hospitals for high-level disinfection and liquid chemical sterilization and in the foodservice industry to disinfect meat products. The difference is in the dose and on this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with David Hilliker, President and CEO of ChemDAQ Inc., about a chemical that is designed to kill and a brand new Peracetic Acid sensor, Steri-Trac 2 and 2+ that can help keep you safe. If you’ve been wondering how to  ensure worker safety around these toxic chemicals during medical device reprocessing, we’ve got the answer right here. Tune in now to find out! 

Learn more by visiting the ChemDAQ website, contacting them via e-mail and look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

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