Dr.Badia’s podcast Fixing Healthcare…From The Trenches Episode 13

Our podcast guest for this episode is Dr. Joseph McGinley, Dr. McGinley is the Founder and CEO of McGinley Orthopedics, a company that designs, develops, markets and sells orthopedic medical devices. The company’s flagship product, the IntelliSense Drill®, is being used by surgeons across the US and around the world. The company recently released The Lever Action Plate System® which features unique beam technology for aligning distal radius fractures. He is also the President and CEO of McGinley Manufacturing, a custom machine and fabrication shop with a fully integrated engineering team. He holds over 130 design and utility patents. Dr. Joseph C. McGinley is also a board-certified diagnostic radiologist practicing in Casper, Wyoming. He has extensive training in musculoskeletal radiology and sports medicine with a special emphasis in non-surgical treatment of sports injuries. As a radiologist, he has first-hand knowledge of treatments and developed novel solutions, including several patents for devices and procedures. In 2020, he started his own clinic focusing on patient-centered orthopedic care in The McGinley Clinic, located in downtown Casper, WY. He has a list of awards and honors. He has published in major publications in musculoskeletal imaging and orthopedic medicine and presented at over 50 conferences.



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