Dr. Data’s First Case: The Metrics of Excellently Managing Vendor Trays

In this episode 4 of Season 21 of Beyond Clean, we’re joined by the reprocessing tag-team of Tracy Raymond and Jen Barnickel from Vested Medical, to unravel the nuances of vendor-owned inventory management in the Sterile Processing space. The duo highlights the significance of syncing vendor inventory management with broader Sterile Processing objectives and discusses the pivotal metrics every member of the surgical workflow should have to stay informed.

In our conversations, they shed light on optimizing OR and SPD scheduling, bridging communication gaps with vendors, and navigating the bottlenecks in the system. What role does quality management play regarding vendor trays?  What kinds of key performance indicators and benchmarks should you be aware of? Tune in to find out!

Season 21 of Beyond Clean is released under the 1 Episode = 1 CE delivery model. After listening, earn your 1 CE credit by passing the short quiz linked below each episode.

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