Dripping with Positivity: Keeping Patients Informed and Aware

“Healthcare is focused on patient experience and outcomes. We have HCAHPS scores and quality metrics, but these are all at the end of the service line. However, farther upstream, even before a device is delivered to the hospital, there are decisions that are being made that impact those patient experiences and outcomes. How do we take into account all the variables from a higher level and integrated view? Ryan Bass joins Hays Waldrop, Garry Skinner and Justin Poulin to tell us exactly how and offers his insight on keeping patients informed with positive and negative messaging drip campaigns. That can mean letting them know when they have been impacted by a recall and need to take action, but it can also mean letting them know that they were not impacted and rest easy at night. Be sure to tune in this week for an interesting and engaging discussion!”

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