Educating on Water from the Very First Drop (from the Uncharted Waters conference)

(Season 22 new episodes begin releasing Oct 2nd! Until then, enjoy these exclusive conference special releases from some of our best Beyond Clean events) // No Sterile Processing department is an island– even if we are kind of surrounded by water at every turn! Understanding and educating around water quality is a burden we all must bear, from the very first day as a new technician to annual competencies to updating policies to align with new guidelines. But educating on these topics is no easy feat. Join us for this “PowerPanel” discussion as we bring together some of the topic educators and consultants in the industry to weigh in on the most successful approaches they have seen to hardwire quality content & education into the daily life of your SPD! This is one session you are not going to want to miss! Speakers include Jhmeid Billingslea, Angela Lewellyn, Anna Castillo-Gutierrez, & Hank Balch.

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