Empowerment Technologies: Integrating Overlapping Sourcing Strategies

What type of education and training programs are available for the pharmacy supply chain? Is it possible to use traditional supply chain strategies to manage pharmaceutical spend? Can pharmacy and supply chain merge in order to become more effective in expense management and work towards a more proactive approach? In many hospitals and health systems, pharmacy spend has become the largest expense behind labor and the complexity of clinical requirements for these products requires deep knowledge from talented pharmacists. In this episode Justin, Garry and Hays speak with Johnathan Yantis CEO and Co-Founder & Matt Hebbard, VP and Co-Founder at QuicksortRx about technology implementations that can help leverage and better position the pharmacy supply chain. Jonathan and Matt discuss ways to increase visibility and suggestions on how to focus resources in areas that have the greatest opportunities – don’t miss out on their amazing insights, tune in today!

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