Encore Episode: Techniques for More Authentic Communication

Why does talking with your hands put people at ease? What is a ‘blocking behavior,’ and why is it usually a signal that you should ask more questions? Last year, we interviewed communications expert and Authentic Influence Group CEO Shelly O’Donovan about the power of body language, tone, and micro-expressions. That episode quickly rose to the top as one of the favorites among our listeners—and for good reason. Take a listen and learn how you can recognize dozens of subtle, largely subconscious human behaviors to secure buy-in, preserve trust, and ultimately drive business.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How to wean yourself off ‘blocking behaviors’ that can stunt dialogue  
  • What your suprasternal notch is, and how it releases hormones that help you calm down
  • Why handshakes are worth at least 3 hours of quality facetime
  • How your smart phone can inhibit an in-person conversation—even when you’re not using it

Plus, we talk about where (and when) you should be directing your eyes while speaking over Zoom calls.

Resources from this episode: 

Download the Behavior Change BlueprintCheck Out Authentic Influence Group Study Ekman’s ‘Micro Expressions’

Social Media: 

Connect with Shelly on LinkedInConnect with Zed on LinkedInConnect with Clark on LinkedIn



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