Endoscopes That Live Long & Prosper

🎙️ Endoscopes don’t take care of themselves — so what are you doing to ensure they live long and prosper in your facility?  Tune in for this week’s Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ featuring Skip Smith, Area Manager for Onsite Services, and Carrie Armellino, Marketing Manager for PROTECTION1® Service and Reprocessing, from KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, as they delve into the world of economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly endoscopy solutions for your SPD and OR!   Explore how KARL STORZ is revolutionizing the healthcare industry through their top-notch expertise and innovative solutions, specifically designed to solve the challenges faced by today’s Sterile Processing Departments.   Discover the secrets behind KARL STORZ’s value-driven On-Site Endoscopic Specialists (OES) and the unique No-Wrap Sterilization Containers that not only protect your valuable equipment but also contribute to a long service-life at the lowest total cost of ownership.   From aircraft-grade anodized aluminum containers to significant clinical, operational, and financial benefits, these products are the epitome of value, efficiency, and protection.   Ready to take the next step? 📲 Engage with KARL STORZ today by visiting go.karlstorz.com/BeyondClean and following their LinkedIn page. Explore the possibilities, and give your endoscopy equipment the care and protection it deserves! 



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