Ep# 125 – Living on the Leftovers

So often as high achievers we put others first. . .and live on the crumbs left-over.  We give ourselves the minimum and expect the maximum in performance. . . and then wonder why it breaks down.  Smile.  

Today’s podcast is all about exploring the concept of living on the leftovers – why we do it, what it takes to change, and what our life can look like when we actually plan & prioritize ourselves.  

An unstoppable life doesn’t magically happen. . .it is the result of curating how we think, how we plan & prioritize, and consistently following through.  It’s waiting for you.

Bonus content immediately following today’s episode – hear an overview on the planning/process for the Authenticity, Courage & Empowerment Conference for Women Physicians.  Learn More & Sign Up at AuthenticPhysicians.com



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