Ep #162 – Intentional & Meaningful with Dr. Kathy Zhang

This real conversation is with Dr. Luyi Kathy Zhang, a palliative care & hospice physician, podcaster, author, and life coach who helps people build a purposeful life.  We cover how she thinks about her life, adds more intention into her work, and keeps growing in a meaningful way.  You’ll hear her journey of discovering her voice and sharing it with others.  You’ll also hear gems of wisdom, and what she wants everyone in the world to know.


Kathy’s mission is to bring the clarity, purpose and meaning that comes with confronting one’s mortality to those fortunate enough not to—because everyone deserves to live the life they want with the time they have left.  


Connect with her in these ways:

Website – luyikathyzhang.com

Instagram – instagram.com/purposefilter 

The Purpose Filter podcast – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-purpose-filter/id1579203704



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