Ep #169 – Create a More Meaningful Life in 2023

First – print out a copy of this graphic. . . big smile.


Today’s episode is a celebration and close-out of 2023.  That’s right – we are going to be thinking about how 2023 went – what we experienced, where we traveled, what we created, and how we’ve grown for the year that starts in only 9 days.  The goal is to generate depth and excitement for the year you want to experience.  In this episode you’ll hear how Bev Aron (incredible thought leader & coach) shared the process of ending the year before it begins.  I’ll then guide you through the categories of a meaningful life, and share how I’m thinking about a year from now.  It’s a fun journey to start today.


We all need community & strong relationships for a meaningful life.  There are 2 communities for women physicians & dentists:

  1. Emerge
  2. Women Warrior Healers – exclusively for Active Duty or Veteran women of the US



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