Ep #194 – Where We Get Stuck with Dr. Siobhan Key

Dear friends. . .it’s an honor to introduce you to Dr. Siobhan Key.  She is so many things to so many people – Wife, Mom, full-service Family Medicine Physician in Canada which includes Obesity Medicine, Founder of Thrive Academy, Podcaster, friend, runner.  She is filled with wisdom and compassion.  


Today’s episode is about where we get stuck – as people who are trying to lose weight, reach or goal, or simply by being human.  You will hear Siobhan’s mastery of behavior change and what it really takes.  (Hint – it’s not working harder).  You will also hear her love of helping people break free from what holds them back.


Find Dr. Siobhan Key here:

Website – https://weightsolutionsforphysicians.ca/

Facebook – Thriving as a Physician Community

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/drsiobhankey/



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