Ep#187 – Book Study Part 1 – Fierce Self Compassion

Celebrating 50,000 downloads and introducing you to the amazing Dr. Jillian Rigert.  Jillian has incredible depth, kindness, and compassion for others.  We are teaming up for this book study because both of us lived for years without self-compassion. . . and we’ve had to learn differently.


Today’s episode of the podcast covers the Introduction and Chapter 1 of Dr. Kristin Neff’s book Fierce Self-Compassion.  We’ll talk about what stirred in our hearts, why we’ve believed that we aren’t good enough or worthy of kindness/compassion, and how we think differently today.  It’s an offering to take your internal work on self-compassion even farther.


Part 2 of the book study will release in a few weeks and cover Chapters 2-4.


Jillian references Dr. Olivia Ong’s TedX talk “How to Be Your Own Best Friend” – find it here.


Learn more about Jillian here – Website, YouTube, LinkedIn

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