Episode 100 – Value Based Care, Data and Scale with Joseph Schulman, Senior VP Enterprise Data and Chief of Information Intelligence

100 episodes! Wow! Hard to believe. Over 64,000 cumulative downloads. Thank you for all your support. And…..you will have to keep listening because there is a lot more to share with you.

Today we go back to value-based care from the providers viewpoint.  Joseph Schulman is back for the second time.  Joe is the Senior Vice President Enterprise Data and Chief of Information Intelligence at Northwell Health.

Yes, we talk a bit about how Value Based Care is influencing a large healthcare system.  And, we discuss whether it is sustainable. However, I want you to listen carefully to what Joe talks about.  Its is about data and scale.  Would you ever think that a healthcare system executive would talk in terms as if he was from Google or Microsoft.  This is where our large healthcare systems are investing strategically so they can succeed in a rapidly changing environment. Joe likes Peter Drucker’s quote, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

Point is, if you are going to truly know your customer, you need to know this.  Whether you sell one item to the operating room or dozens of items to every floor in the hospital….you need to know this.

A quick aside, I really enjoyed my visit to BIOMEDevice Boston.  It was an impressive trade show.  I recorded two podcasts from the stage there.  It was informative and fun. For those of you out west, there is BIOMEDevice Silicone Valley taking place November 29 and 30 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  I highly recommend it and will put a link in the show notes.

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