Episode 26 – The Sales Process in a Virtual World, Important Considerations

Brad Ansley, VP Healthcare, Richardson Sales Performance takes us through the details and important considerations of a virtual medtech sales process.  It is fascinating and thought provoking when you look at the very important things you take for granted in a face to face selling situation that you must now build into a virtual sales interaction.  Brad walks us through the 6 critical skills of virtual selling and aligns them with the sales process.

The MedTech Leaders Community is growing.  We have a lot of content on selling in the virtual world.  A couple members said it is like a master class. There is a 30-day free trial.   The equivalent of your first paid month will be contributed to Direct Relief, Doctors without Borders or the American Red Cross.

MedTech Leaders Community link – https://medtechleaders.mn.co

The video cast with slides is available in the MTL community.

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Brad Ansley’s LinkedIn Profile link – linkedin.com/in/bradansley

Richardson Sales Performance Website  https://www.richardson.com

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