Episode 33 – How Sales Benefits from Marketing Automation – sendinblue

In this Covid world, sales teams should be demanding support from well thought out marketing automation platforms.  So many of our traditional lead generation sources are completely or partially blocked.  Today, Asad Ali, Brand Manager for sendinblue gives us an overview of how one platform can work on behalf of sales.  We also learn that marketing automation is not that expensive.  But it does require some strategic and tactical changes.  

Does your company effectively employ marketing automation?  Let me know.  I would like to talk to a few people that are benefiting from MA.

The video cast is in the MedTech Leaders Community at https://medtechleaders.mn.co

MedTech Leaders is a community where MedTech execs and sales and marketing professionals help each other by sharing best practices, problems, solutions, ideas and successes. This is supported with weekly events with subject matter experts. Some say it is like a master class. Take a look! There is a 30 day free trial.

Note, I am not compensated in any way by the companies I interview.

Sendinblue is having a Black Friday sale.  You can find the link in my show notes.  50% off! 

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