Episode 36 – The Future and MedTech with Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD – The Medical Futurist

Key points – 2021 will be a battle between science and disinformation. And, “The country where the willingness to get vaccinated is greater, wins”.  Bertalan is the Medical Futurist. He and I spent some time this past week talking about the pandemic and our near term and long-term future in MedTech.  If you don’t subscribe to his newsletters you should.  If governments, medical associations, patients and industry seek him out for advice, then this podcast/video cast may be worth a listen (view).  

How should the Medical Device industry look at their products and align them with the future? We discuss this.

Back to “willingness” and “winning”.  India and China have vaccine acceptance rates of 87% and 85% respectively.  At 64%, the US ranked 14th among major economies.  The Understanding America Survey conducted in December showed 56% of over 8,000 US respondents indicating a willingness to get the vaccine.  This lack of willingness in the US will be a drag on the US economy.  Meanwhile, countries like India, China, South Korea, Israel, The UK, etc will more quickly open their economies and prosper. 

The MedTech Industry has an obligation to promote science and vaccination.

Now Go Win Your Week!

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