Episode 40 – In the C-Suite with Stephanie Marrus, Managing Director, Entrepreneurship, UCSF Innovation Ventures

Stephanie knows the leadership profile necessary to contribute to the success of a new venture.  Her education, mentoring and networking program has provided the support necessary to give birth to dozens of life science startups. We will talk about leadership and her popular “Global Online Entrepreneurship Class”. The spring 2021 cohort of this class starts March 31.  One of the members of the MedTech Leaders Community took this course last year and told me he highly recommends it.  Even people with advanced degrees like MBAs, Doctors of Medicine and Doctors in science take this course. In fact, in the most recent course there were participants from 13 countries and 4 continents. 

Reminder – I am not compensated by UCSF for this podcast and video cast.

This video cast is public in the Medical Device Success YouTube channel.  Most of the time I reserve video casts for the MedTech Leaders Community.  However, I think what Stephanie shares about leadership and the UCSF course are time sensitive. So, the video is public. 

You can learn more about the MedTech Leaders Community at medtechleaders.net. This community is where leaders help each other out with best practices, problems, solutions, ideas and successes. All with the support of subject matter experts. There is a 30 day free trial.

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