Episode 43 – In the C-Suite with Patrick Kothe, CEO, EM Device Lab

“In order to grow, you have to master what you are doing today”. Career advice from Patrick Kothe. Pat has led EM Device Lab down a brilliant development path where they “productized” a current standard procedure and benefit from a simpler regulatory path and a shorter time to commercialization.  This also reduced capital requirements.  However, Pat took no shortcuts with customer discovery and validation where they got feedback on their product from around 600 emergency medicine doctors.  Join Pat and me to learn about critical characteristics of a bootstrap CEO and key strategies for success. We also talk about the lessons learned from failures.  They are less than 30 days to product launch!  We wish the EM Device Lab team best of luck as they go to market.

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Most of you know that I am also the host of the MedTech Leaders community. You can learn more about this non-linkedin community at medtechleaders.net.  This is where leaders and those aspiring to be leaders get together to help each other with best practices, problems, solutions, ideas and successes.  If you are interested in the MedTech Leaders community…there is a 30-day free trial.

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Pat’s recommended book: When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi, By David Maraniss

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