Episode 47 – MedTech “Journeys” To Fill the Sales Funnel

Matthew Vernhout, VP of Deliverability, NetCore, walks us through what “Journeys” are and how they can help with prospecting for new customers and nurture current customers.  This is part of the Medical Device Success emphasis on Demand Generation.  This is important because surveys show that most health care professionals and provider executives expect virtual interaction with vendors to continue in 2021 and beyond.  We need to embrace Demand Generation strategies and tactics to be successful in the new normal.  The SAAS industry and consumer products industry has been doing this for years with great success.  And, you experience Demand Gen all the time. It is time for MedTech to catch up.

Now Go Win Your Week!!

Most of you know that I am also the host of the MedTech Leaders community. You can learn more about this non-LinkedIn community at https://medtechleaders.net.  This is where leaders and those aspiring to be leaders get together to help each other with best practices, problems, solutions, ideas and successes.  If you are interested in the MTL community…there is a 30-day free trial. Again, more info at https://medtechleaders.net.

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