Episode 56 – The Influence of Population Health on MedTech with Joseph Schulman, Senior VP Population Health and Business Transformation

First, we define Population Health.  Then we talk about its influence on MedTech.  In the USA, Population Health is NOT the same thing as Public Health.  One can influence the other.  However, Population Health is driven by value-based health systems to provide better care at a lower cost by being connected, engaged and anticipatory via their facilities and providers to their patients.  Joseph Schulman, Senior VP Population Health, Business Transformation at Northwell Health joins us to discuss this area of health care that is so important to understand.  The movement toward Population Health and value-based healthcare has big ramifications for the development of medical technologies.  Is Population Health a serious endeavor?  Well, Northwell thinks it is important enough to have 400 professionals on Joe’s team to drive these initiatives.

I have always been pessimistic about the US healthcare system.  After talking to Joe for this podcast and Mark Dixon several weeks ago, I have hope.  Why? Because people like Joe and Mark are moving healthcare in the right direction. And, they are very very determined to succeed.  As Joe said, “We have to raise the bar on how we’re doing and pursue all the tremendous opportunities to deliver incredible results.” Yes, he is dedicated and determined.

For international listeners, I would be curious to hear if their healthcare systems are taking a similar approach.
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Book Joe recommends:

Team of Teams, New Rules of Engagement in a Complex World, by General S. McChrsytal, D. Silverman, C. Fussell and T. Collins.

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