Episode 57 – MedScout – Helping Your Sales Team Prospect and Sell, A Revenue Intelligence Platform

You all know that data, properly configured can help your sales team.  However, this data can be very expensive and may not be configured in a way that is easy for your sales team to useEnter MedScout, a revenue intelligence platform for Life Science companies.  Skylar Talley, CEO, MedScout joins us today to share how they go about pulling together and presenting procedural data, prescription data and firmographic information and then present it in a unique way to help medtech sales teams be more productive.  This is all done very economically when compared to some of the very expensive data companies.  What Skylar, his co-founder, Casey Shattuck and the rest of the MedScout team is doing is impressive.  Some people may say, “Ted, you can get some of this data yourself.” Keyword is ‘some’.  And, you won’t have the firmographics to relate it all together in an easy to use platform.  If you are asking your sales team to do this, I guarantee they are missing important prospects and wasting valuable time.

Important note – Don’t confuse Skylar’s company with the German medical tourism company also called Medscout.  Skylar’s MedScout can be found at medscout.io.

As podcasts go, the Medical Device Success podcast is a bit unusual in that it is almost always set up as a live event for members of the MedTech Leaders Community to attend if they want to.  Today, you will hear me refer to questions from one such attendee, Lisa Bichsel, CEO of the Bichsel Medical Marketing Group.  BMMG is a terrific Life Sciences marketing firm. She is a member of the MedTech Leaders Community.  And, she asks great questions which adds a lot to the depth of the podcast.  Thank you Lisa.

For those of you interested in the MedTech Leaders Community, go to medtechleaders.net to learn more.  The Get Involved plan is only $14 per year and there is a free trial.

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