Episode 59 – The New Art & Science of MedTech Sales

Is sales an art or a science or a bit of both?  And, how has the art and science changed in the past year?  Some key trends in MedTech have accelerated due to the pandemic that will affect the art and science of selling.  This episode is a discussion to help listeners and viewers be sure they are adjusting to the trends.  One of the suggestions I make at the end of the podcast is for sales and marketing professionals that are in companies that do not take sales and marketing seriously is to form your own mastermind groups.  We have them in the MedTech Leaders Community.  However, you can form them yourself.  In the near future, I will have a podcast on how to create and manage a mastermind group.

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Looking for like-minded leaders and sales and marketing professionals and subject matter experts?  Consider the MedTech Leaders community.  To learn more, go to medtechleaders.net.  There is a free trial and the Get Involved Plan is only $14 per year.

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