Episode 60 – The Covid State of Mind of Our Doctors…Our Customers

“68% of vaccinated patients were unwilling to wear a mask and started arguments with staff”. This is one of the data points I share from a survey that has taken place throughout the past year for a particular specialty.  This survey gives a unique look into the minds of these doctors and their practices.  And, it has implications for MedTech sales and marketing for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.  Are all specialties the same? No. But even if you take the data points from the responses from this specialty and reduce the percentages, the impact remains.  This is the agenda:

  • Survey Background
  • Covid Infections Among Practice Staff
  • Practice Capacity
  • Financial Pressure
  • Trade Show Intentions
  • Future Behavior Post-Covid
  • Comfort with Sales Representative Visits
  • Conflict with Patients
  • Think of the NOISE!
  • What to do?

Now Go Win Your Week!

“Thanks, Ted. Working and interacting with you and the MTL community helped refine the presentation.” Jeff Levine, CEO, Advanced Scanners.o

Jeff gave me that compliment after I commented on his excellent presentation at an angel funding event. Are you looking for like-minded leaders and sales and marketing professionals and subject matter experts?  Consider the MedTech Leaders community.  To learn more, go to medtechleaders.net.  There is a free trial and the Get Involved Plan is only $14 per year.

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