Episode 62 – Digital Caffeine for Zoom Fatigue in MedTech with VidiPlus

Want your virtual prospecting to stand out? Bring your virtual presentations and messaging to life. This digital technology from VidiPlus will help. Dror Benjamin, CEO and his team have created a wonderful virtual tool. The way it brings your presentation items into the virtual window right next to you is very sophisticated. You can explode product images so you can reach in with your hand and point features out.  Or, if used for service, you could explode a product image to focus in on key parts that you are talking about.  While you have an image up you can rotate it.  You can show videos, websites and YouTube.  All of this is selected from a very convenient control widget so you are not sharing and unsharring your window to move from one medium to another.  Needless to say, it will make any MedTech company look very tech savvy and credible. 

Now Go Win Your Week!!

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