Episode 63 – In the C-Suite with Daniel Cloutier, CEO, LOK Corporation

Understanding how the worldwide distribution ecosystem works is a must for any MedTech professional. This conversation with Daniel Cloutier provides a window into this world and how LOK brings value to the manufacturers it represents with turnkey distribution. Daniel jokes that they are “Global minus One”.  Take a guess at what country that is. LOK Corporation represents companies ranging in size from start-ups to very large firms to optimize their worldwide distribution.  Frequently, they are working with new concept and disruptive technologies.  Daniel takes us through how they match products to their 17,000 strong distributor network and then help their manufacturers monitor distributor activity via sophisticated dashboards.  They provide assistance all along the medtech roadmap from vetting the distributors, to finding KOLs in various countries, to getting regulatory clearances, ensuring distributors meet ISO requirements and more.  And, venture funds, private equity, angels and incubators frequently seek LOK out for advice giving LOK a view of products in the pipeline.  This podcast is a great review of the complexities of setting up international distribution and the value of a professional global manufacturers’ representative company.

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