Episode 68 – Building Success Models in MedTech

One of the most common pieces of advice I give to those asking for help on a variety of challenges is to “build a Success Model”.  This advice has been given to a wide variety of MedTech Executives from CEOs to sales representatives.  In this episode we explore what a Success Model is and how to implement one.  This is a podcast and video cast.  There are slides.  For listeners, I spell everything out pretty clearly.  Viewers of the video cast will see the slides. If you want a copy just let me know and I can send out a PDF of the slides.

Here is what we will be covering today:

  • The Sayings
  • Common Sense Yet….
  • What Is a Success Model?
  • Where Are They Most Effective?
  • Why Are They Important?
  • The Success Model Process
  • Success Model Examples – Turnaround, Territory, Disruptive Technology and Distribution Channel

Now Go Win Your Week!

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