Episode 72 – Career Success in MedTech Startups with Jim Surek, VP Sales, ExplORer Surgical

“You told me the opposite of what I have been told by everyone else about how they would attack this market.” Said one CEO to Jim during an interview.  Jim got the job and helped lead this company to success. During his stellar career, Jim has been part of 7 startups.  We cover a lot of ground that will have pearls of wisdom for all listeners whether you are in the C-Suite or in marketing and sales.  Lots of great career advice as well. We set the foundation with Jim’s current role at Explorer Surgical where he is heading up sales in a MedTech SAAS technology.  Some of you may want to implement this technology once you understand how powerful it is. This technology can really help companies with unique surgical products scale more rapidly with improved consistent outcomes. Then we move into his deliberate process for deciding whether to join a startup organization.  During all of this we delve into the strategic and tactical power of startups as learning organizations.

I would like to welcome the new members of the Medtech Leaders community.  They joined to get access to the Part One Strategic Plan slides that I posted with the podcast in the Strategic and Tactical planning Topic area in the community.  And I was about to forget to mention that today’s guest, Jim Surek is a member of the MedTech Leaders community.  You can learn more about the community at medtechleaders.net.  The annual fee costs a few cups of coffee. And, there is a free trial.

During the podcast Jim credits several people with contributing to his career including Patrick Pilcher, Ron Pickard, Jeff Greiner, Paul LaViolette, Jennifer Fried and more.

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