Episode 74 – Knowledge is Power in MedTech – A system for knowing your customer, market and industry

Let’s get the new year off to a good start and know our customer, market and industry better than your colleagues and competition.  Let’s create a knowledge gathering system for you. It will pay off in terms of your professionalism, your results and your career! Early in my career I just took what the company told me as the gospel about what was going on in the medical specialties I was selling to and the industry I participated in.  Granted waaay back then…the multitude of knowledge access points that exist today did not exist (YouTube, eNewsletters, News aggregators, Webinars, Facebook, Twitter, Specialized websites, etc.).  With all these access points there is really no excuse not to know what is going on in your market and to know your customer.

In today’s podcast and video cast I will share my approach to this.  No doubt, after you listen or view this episode, you will have good ideas to add.  Please let me know and I will mention them in the next podcast.

We will review:

  • Four categories of knowledge you should be investigating every week.
  • Four methods to stay up to date.
  • Examples of how to put these methods to action.

When you are done listening and or viewing, you will have a very clear idea of how to set up your knowledge gathering system and you will be better for it.

Finally, a warm welcome to several new MedTech Leaders community members that joined in December!! Medtechleaders.net

Now Go Win Your Week!!

Links to mentions in the podcast:

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MASS Device – https://www.massdevice.com

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