Episode 75 Intro to Value-Based Care Part 1 with Barbara Strain

Understanding this important subject is part of knowing your customer. Here is a factoid from today’s conversation, the sickest 5% of the US population consumes 50% of healthcare resources.  One of many reasons fee for service is not sustainable and that the move to value-based care is gaining momentum.  Today’s episode is the first of several episodes on Value-Based Care.  I am calling it “Intro to Value-Based Care Part 1”.  Our guest for both part 1 and part 2 is Barbara Strain, Principal of Barbara Strain consulting.  Prior to her recent move into consulting, Barbara was the Director of Supply Chain Analytics and later Director of Value Management at the Univ. of Virginia Health System.  She is also a founding member of AHVAP, the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals. So, she has lived the history of DRGs, Bundles and Value-Based Care.   Barbara is going to give us a foundation in the subject so we will be better prepared for guest speakers from a hospital system, a physician practice and from industry.

Before I get to today’s episode, I want to share what the podcast content will look like over the first half of the year.  We (when I say we, I mean you and me)…We will be exploring 3 big themes. These themes are Value-Based Care, Artificial Intelligence and RoboticsI really believe these three areas will have a major impact on healthcare and MedTech going forward.  I have been working hard rounding up guest experts in these areas. If you know someone I should consider as a guest speaker, let me know.  I am serious.  Use the contact link in the show notes or message me via LinkedIn or the MedTech Leaders community.  Of course, there will be some other subject matter experts and “In the C-Suite” guests mixed in.  And, due to the difficulties scheduling guests, the themes will be mixed up in order of publication.  So, one week you may get value-based care and the next week artificial intelligence followed by robotics.

By the way, Barbara is a member of the MedTech leaders’ community.  A place for MedTech leaders and sales and marketing professionals to help each other out, learn from each other and subject matter experts. Several people joined last week.  A warm welcome to all of you.  You can learn more at medtechleaders net. There is a free trial and the cost is equal to about 3 or 4 cups of artisanal coffee depending how big the cup is you drink.

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