Episode 76 – Intro to Value-Based Care Part 2 with Barbara Strain

What can MedTech companies do to be constructive, profitable and value-added participants in the shift to Value-Based Care? The big companies are all over this.  They have entire departments devoted to being ahead of this curve.  What about the small and medium sized companies?   Today we dig into that. This episode is “Intro to Value-Based Care Part 2”.  Once again, our guest to finish this introduction is Barbara Strain, Founder and principal of Barbara Strain Consulting. Prior to her move into consulting, Barbara was on the provider side of the healthcare equation as Director of Supply Chain Analytics and later Director of Value Management at the Univ. of Virginia Health System.  She is also a founding member of AHVAP, the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals. Needless to say, she knows what she is talking about.  In the last episode, we covered the history of value based care including discussion of various government cost containment measures that are currently in place.  Now we dig further into the trend towards Value-Based Care and what MedTech companies can do to consider this trend in their product development, marketing and sales efforts.

I want to give another warm welcome to new members of the MedTech Leaders community.  Barbara is a member and can be reached within the community. For more information on this community, go to medtechleaders.net.

I want to thank all of you for your support throughout 2021.  The podcast audience has continued to grow.  And, we have maintained our Feedspot ranking of the 2nd most popular medical device podcast.  Not bad when you consider this is a home produced program without the backing of a media company or commercial enterprise.  The best support you can give me is to share this podcast with a colleague using the share link on your preferred podcast platform. Again, thank you.

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