Episode 84 – In the AI C-Suite with David Golan, CTO and Co-Founder of Viz.ai

Then the FDA team had an “Aha!” moment! At first, the meeting didn’t start off that well.  The FDA heard the term “artificial intelligence” and were immediately skeptical.  Then the Viz.ai team hit the pause button and said this was about speed to treatment for stroke, not necessarily doing a better job interpreting images. “Aha!!” The rest is history. What if your company could develop a product that reduces hospital stays by 2.5 days, demonstrates a 37% improvement at discharge from the hospital and a 40% improvement 90 days after discharge?  And, what if this product resulted in a 38% improvement in speed to treatment for a critical condition?  This life altering technology is offered by Viz.ai.  In today’s episode we Zoom travel to Israel to visit with David Golan, CTO and Co-Founder of Viz.ai This is our fifth episode related to artificial intelligence in MedTech.  Not only is Viz.ai an amazing life altering technology, it is also a great story.  While artificial intelligence plays an important role in their technology, David explains that it is only part of the total product.

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