Episode 9 – Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is – with Stephen Noble M.D.

Our guest this week is out there walking the walk – bringing to light important issues that face the healthcare industry and doing something about them. 

In this episode, Kameron Helmuth and Lauren Oschman are joined by Dr. Stephen Noble as they dive into a conversation about the strides Stephen is making to address issues prevalent in medicine, particularly racial disparities in patient care and the decreasing number of black men entering the field. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Dr. Stephen Noble found a passion in becoming a physician
  • The steps Stephen took to get involved with causes he is passionate about
  • Why educating the next generation is so important to Stephen
  • Why you should be using your wealth to support your faith, family, and culture 
  • And more!

Resources: Vestia | Kameron Helmuth | Lauren Oschman  | Vestia LI | Vestia FB | Stephen Noble | Heart of a Hero | Black Men in White Coats | Live Chair Health 


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