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The DEO podcast community knows that building wealth is multi-dimensional and effective financial planning goes beyond the balance sheet. We take this time to meet with doctors and subject matter experts to discuss real life issues/opportunities that doctors are facing in their lives & practices.

Episode 11 – What Comes Next? A Physician’s Retirement Story – with Dr. Bob Rosen

As a physician, the thought of retirement can be anxiety-inducing. You are used to working endless hours in your practice and then all that stops – what comes next? 

In this episode, Lauren Oschman and Kameron Helmuth are joined by retired emergency medicine physician, Dr. Bob Rosen, as they discuss Bob’s journey into retirement. The trio speak about some of the more common concerns physicians have when it comes to retirement while Dr. Rosen shares his wisdom to limit those concerns.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Dr. Bob Rosen’s journey to working within emergency medicine
  • The importance of intentionally saving for retirement at an early age
  • How to begin thinking about the transition into retirement
  • Letting go of the extra noise in your head from work when you retire
  • And more!

Tune in now to hear from a physician who has taken the leap into retirement and learn from the advice he has to share!

Resources: Vestia | Kameron Helmuth | Lauren Oschman  | Vestia LI | Vestia FB

Episode 10 – 5 Secrets to an Awesome Disney Vacation – with Stephanie Yemm

As a physician, you have a very busy schedule, so ensuring that your vacation time is spent wisely and is well planned can help create lasting memories! 

In this episode Lauren Oschman and Kameron Helmuth sit down with Stephanie Yemm, travel agent at Small World Big Fun travel agency. They discuss how to plan the perfect Disney trip for a physician family. Stephanie lets you in on some tips and tricks so you can plan a vacation unique to you and create lots of Disney magic memories! 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why using a Disney travel agent is beneficial to you when planning your trip  
  • How to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want out of your trip  
  • The importance of planning ahead of time but also leaving flexible time throughout your vacation 
  • How to find the perfect resort for you and your family 
  • And more!

Tune in now to discover tips from a Disney travel agent to make your next vacation truly magical! 

Resources: Vestia | Kameron Helmuth | Lauren Oschman  | Vestia LI | Vestia FB | Stephanie Yemm

Episode 9 – Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is – with Stephen Noble M.D.

Our guest this week is out there walking the walk – bringing to light important issues that face the healthcare industry and doing something about them. 

In this episode, Kameron Helmuth and Lauren Oschman are joined by Dr. Stephen Noble as they dive into a conversation about the strides Stephen is making to address issues prevalent in medicine, particularly racial disparities in patient care and the decreasing number of black men entering the field. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Dr. Stephen Noble found a passion in becoming a physician
  • The steps Stephen took to get involved with causes he is passionate about
  • Why educating the next generation is so important to Stephen
  • Why you should be using your wealth to support your faith, family, and culture 
  • And more!

Resources: Vestia | Kameron Helmuth | Lauren Oschman  | Vestia LI | Vestia FB | Stephen Noble | Heart of a Hero | Black Men in White Coats | Live Chair Health 

Episode 8 – Helping Others while Saving Taxes – with Tim W. Ueber, J.D.

As a physician, it can be beneficial for you to take the correct steps when setting up your charitable giving plan. 

In this episode, Kameron Helmuth sits down with Tim W. Ueber, J.D, Gift Planning Attorney and Director at Indiana University School of Medicine.  Together they discuss the topic of charitable giving, Tim gives some background on the benefits, the different types of gifts, and shares some stories of how he has helped clients set up gifting plans! 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Tim works with clients to uncover the best charitable giving plan  
  • The differences between gifts and the related taxes on them  
  • The lifetime cash flow projection tool  
  • Benefits to cash gifts and stock gifts 
  • Some unique strategies physicians are using with their giving  
  • And more!

Tune in now to discover the benefits of charitable gifting, and how you can find a strategy that will work for you! 

Resources: Vestia | Vestia LI | Vestia FB | Kameron Helmuth | Tim W. Ueber

Episode 7 – Overcoming Adversity to Build Your Ideal Practice – with Dr. Haruko Okada

Taking the first steps to starting your own medical practice can be tough, but the reward of having a practice that supports your ideal life can be well worth the effort! 

In this episode, Kameron Helmuth and Lauren Oschman speak with Dr. Haruko Okada about her experience leaving her employer and opening her own practice. Haruko shares personal stories on her journey to opening Stratus Plastic Surgery and gives us some insight into how her journey was changed through pregnancy and a global pandemic! 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Haruko dealt with her non-compete clause 
  • The challenges Haruko faced opening her own practice  
  • Building your team on your journey to entrepreneurship  
  • How to identify what your ideal practice looks like  
  • And more!

Tune in now to hear Haruko’s story of opening her own practice, and how her advice can help you take that first step too! 

Resources: Vestia | Vestia LI | Vestia FB | Kameron Helmuth | Lauren Oschman | Dr. Haruko Okada | Stratus Plastic Surgery 

Episode 6 – CYA Strategies for Doctors – with Sayge Grubbs, Esq.

As a physician, how do you protect your assets when you are petitioned in a lawsuit? 

In this episode, Kameron Helmuth and Lauren Oschman sit down with Sayge Grubbs, founder of Sage Legacy Counsel. Together they discuss what physicians should know to protect their assets from a lawsuit. Sayge shares some practices that he follows with physicians and leaves you better informed about what you can expect. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What a physician should expect if they are named in a lawsuit 
  • Why doctors can be more susceptible to lawsuits 
  • The 5 levels of asset protection planning  
  • Where to start to design your own CYA strategy
  • And more!

Tune in now to discover how you can take the target off of your back in a potential lawsuit! 

Resources: Vestia | Vestia LI | Vestia FB | Kameron Helmuth | Lauren Oschman | Sayge Grubbs Esq. | Sage Legacy Counsel


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