Episode 93 – Corporate Accounts…What Has Changed with Frank Ripullo II, Managing Partner, Excelerant Consulting

Great insights and advice on Corporate Accounts in MedTech.

Multiple factors have impacted the relationships between MedTech companies and their customers over the past 2 years.  The pandemic started a cascade of events influencing elective surgeries, budgets, HCP shortages, HCP costs, supply chains and so on. One area these factors have come together to create change is in the management of corporate accounts.  To help us understand these changes and what we can do about them is Frank Ripullo, II, Managing Partner at Excelerant Consulting.  Frank and his team are well known across the MedTech industry as the go to firm to help companies of all sizes tackle the strategic issues related to corporate accounts.

By the way, I do not take compensation for interviews like this. I have known Frank now for a couple years and participated in numerous webinars with him.  It was through that exposure that I came to know how knowledgeable he and his team are in this area.  Frank’s LinkedIn link and website link are in the show notes.  Check out the blog at their website.  It is excellent.

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Be sure to check out their blog. It is excellent!

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