Episode 97 – Trade Shows and Events, What’s changed and what you should do. Part 1

I am honored to have two event planning experts, Lauren Dustman, Senior Manager, Global Events at Hyperfine and Kimberly Stanséll, Meeting, Trade Show and Event Strategy Consultant to guide us today in this conversation. Combined, these ladies manage about 100 shows and events annually. Today’s episode is the first of two episodes about medical trade shows.  Last week we talked about industry trade shows. Today, we cover the 2022 trade show and event experience year to date and what we think will happen this fall. How have trade shows changed and what should you consider doing differently this fall to optimize them?  Of course, we talk about alternatives to traditional trade show activity. This is a great conversation full of pointed advice. The second episode focuses on trade shows in 2023.  Yes, it is August and 2023 will come sooner than you think.

A quick bit of housekeeping.

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