Episode 99 – Life Science Women’s Mastermind Group with Shelly O’Donovan, CEO, Authentic Influence Group

Fact is, women have more challenges in pursuing their careers than men. In the show notes you will find a link to the McKinsey 2021 report on Women in the Workplace that clearly spells this out. To address these challenges, Shelly O’Donovan, CEO, Authentic Influence Group is creating a Life Science Women’s Mastermind group in the MedTech Leaders community.  In this podcast, Shelly and I discuss the goals of this mastermind group and how masterminds are different from masterclasses.  And, we talk about how this particular group will help the professional women that participate with their career challenges.  Now guys, this is not your que to turn off the podcast because the elements of a successful mastermind group could pertain to you.  Perhaps you would like to start one.  If after listening to this podcast you want to learn more about Shelly’s group, go to Medtechleaders.net.  There you will find a plan page that is specific to the Life Science Women’s Mastermind group.   There will also be links in the show notes to Shelly’s LI profile and her business website.

I recorded the interview with Shelly several weeks ago.  In the interview, we talk about starting the group in late September.  It is already late September.  The group will start in October once we have a few members on board.

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McKinsey’s Women In The Workplace 2021 report – https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/diversity-and-inclusion/women-in-the-workplace

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