ET Phone…O?: Taking the Unknown out of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Few chemicals in our industry are as polarizing and (perhaps) misunderstood as ethylene oxide gas (EtO / EO). Is it dangerous? Completely safe? Still in use? Going away? Or coming back for good reason? On this episode 3 of Season 15, “The Chemical Epicenter,” we speak with Sean Weir, Sterile Processing Educator at UPMC and Beyond Clean Advisory Group member, about his first hand experiences with EO sterilant, equipment and workflow. We talk to Sean about how department leaders, educators, and technicians should consider addressing this chemical during onboarding, and his adamant stance that our industry think twice about the language of “low temperature sterilization.” Tune in for this frontline conversation about how this unique chemical is taking millions of medical devices & supplies Beyond Clean each and every year. We hope you enjoy! 

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