Fear Not? The Good and Bad of Sterile Processing Consultants

“The consultants are coming, the consultants are coming!” Does that phrase give you a pit in your stomach or tell you that help is on the way? On this episode 6 of Beyond Clean Season 10, we sat down with Brandon Huffman, BS, ST, CRCST, CIS, CHL, Infection Preventionist with the Peace Health System (and new Strategic Content Manager at Beyond Clean) to talk about the good, bad, and long term impact of Sterile Processing consulting experiences from the perspective of department managers and frontline staff. If you have ever been involved with a consulting project that went well or completely went off the rails, we think you’ll appreciate this conversation that peels back the real challenges facing both sides of the equation. This might even be a great episode to forward directly to your CEO… 😉

CE Credit -> https://www.beyondclean.net/ce-credit-hub

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