Feeling like You’re on a Hamster Wheel? How to Find Purpose with Rebecca Kinney

Sponsored by TrackableMed

At times, medical device sales can feel like a never-ending treadmill – when’s the last time you stopped and looked around? Are you truly living the life you want and making the impact you dreamt of making?

In this week’s episode, sponsored by TrackableMed, Rebecca (Becca) Kinney, owner of Cypress, Inc. joins us to unravel how self-care and self-expression have helped her succeed in ways she never thought possible. We discuss how diving inward can help expand your reach, why you need to consistently ask yourself the real questions to stay motivated, and the simplicity of the checklist to being awesome (spoiler, it doesn’t exist).

Join us to hear more about:

  • The value of self-awareness throughout each day
  • How honest, unpolished LinkedIn posts connect you with an authentic audience
  • The truth behind work-life balance
  • How to identify if you’re living in a life of “have-to’s or just going through the motions (and how to avoid this!)
  • The secret to being awesome and driving impact with your work as a medical device rep

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