Fifty States of Consulting: How to Bring Value to Top Healthcare Executives with Donald Lombardi (#3)

In this episode of the podcast, I spoke with healthcare consultant, author, and distinguished industry professor, Dr. Donald Lombardi. Dr. Lombardi received his Ph.D. in organizational psychology and has since consulted over 168 healthcare organizations across all 50 states and 10 foreign countries. His management principles can be found in any of his 12 books or 50+ journal articles. Currently, “Doc” serves as an industry professor and the head of the student healthcare educational partnerships program at the Stevens Institute of Technology.

During our discussion Dr. Lombardi gave an inside look at his career, how he has provided value to top healthcare executives, and his top recommendations for those looking to become a leader in the field.


00:51 – How did you get started in the healthcare industry?

03:13 – During the early stages of your career you got your PhD in Organizational behavior and industrial psychology – What does that study encompass and how did you apply it to healthcare?

05:06 – After you completed your studies, you started a healthcare consulting firm – What organizations do you work with?

07:21 – When you’re working with these organizations, what exactly are you consulting on?

10:55 – Often times in healthcare financial success is determined by non-financial metrics – Why is quality hiring such a huge piece of a hospital’s financial success?

13:35 – What employment changes can we expect to see in healthcare due to the pandemic?

18:59 – What’s going to happen with private practices moving forward?

15:40 – What do you think are one or two important qualities that a healthcare leader must possess?

20:17 – What are your recommendations for those looking to build a successful administrative career in healthcare?


Dr. Donald Lombardi Bio

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